The Silson AC Committee

Silson AC has a strong and structured committee who meet regularly to discuss and develop the needs of the club and its members.  All of Silson AC’s members are invited to the club’s AGM each year but Silson’s members are also encouraged to share their thoughts and suggestions with the Committee throughout the year.  The current Committee consists of the following personnel:

Committee Members

  • Chairperson – Tracey Harris
  • Secretary – Teresa Cox
  • Treasurer – James Darcy
  • Membership Secretary – Joe Howard
  • Junior Representative – Lindsey Thomas
  • Men’s Team CaptainVacant Role
  • Ladies Team Captain – Justine Verwey
  • Welfare Officer – Julie Long
  • Club Clothing – Sonia Howard
  • Volunteer CoordinatorVacant Role
  • Social SecretaryVacant Role
  • Silverstone 10K Entries – John Fowler
  • Publicity Officer – Lindsey Thomas
  • Website – Toby Heley

Constitution and Policies

Below you will find links to the Club Constitution, Club Policies and Codes of Practice:

Committee Members Job Role Outlines

In this section you will find outlines for the Job Roles for some of the Committee posts:

AGM and Committee Meeting Agendas/Minutes

Below you will find previous AGM and Committee Meeting Agendas/Minutes: