Publicity Officer

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About the Role

• Knowledge of local media.
• Knowledge of marketing and communications.
• Great organisational skills.
• Good management skills.
• Confident with good leadership skills.
• Attention to detail.
• Good listener and effective communicator.
• Approachable and friendly.
• IT / Social Media skills


The role of the Publicity Officer is to maximise press/media coverage for the club, ensuring publicity pre and post events wherever possible and promoting the SILSON club for prospective members. 

This will require you to establish and build on relationships with the news media. You will be required to act as spokesperson for the club on some news items in agreement with the Chairperson.

About the Company

• Establish links with the local and national press to gain publicity for teams, runners and events.
• Research and use all potential promotional opportunities for the club.
• Produce regular press releases for the club newsletter and local / social media.
• Inform the local / social media of successes/ achievements.
• Collate an archive of all club media coverage.
• Prepare newsletters, flyers and posters
• Act as a spokesperson for the club in agreement with the Chairperson.
• Attend committee meetings.

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