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A8V Hydraulic pump-Rexorth Rexroth Industrial


The Rexroth A8V series hydraulic pump is a positive displacement, piston style, centrifugal multi-stage fluid pump. The A8V series pump features a compact, rigid design, with long life ceramic plungers and a fixed angle rotor/impeller assembly for maximum efficiency.

These hydraulic pumps are designed for high performance and reliability in the most demanding applications. The cast iron body has proven to be a successful design in delivering the durability required in heavy industrial applications. The A8V series hydraulic pump has been designed with an internal oil filter and an external filter. This configuration allows for easy access of both filters without disturbing the piping system during routine maintenance.

The A8V series hydraulic pump is highly reliable and efficient due to precise balance, controlled material selection and manufacturing tolerances that provide for tight seal quality throughout its operating life. The cast iron body construction makes this unit ideal for harsh environments such as mining operations where it can withstand high temperatures along with vibration and shock loads encountered during operation of mining equipment.

A8V hydraulic pump.

The A8V series of high-pressure axial piston pumps is designed for use in open, closed or metered applications. It is available in various displacement sizes and flow rates. The A8V series is designed to operate with a maximum pressure ratio of 1:1.5 and a maximum speed of 2000 rpm.

Features & Benefits

Rexroth's A8V series of high-pressure axial piston pumps feature a number of benefits over other types of pumps, including:

High Pressure Ratio: The A8V series allows for higher pressure ratios than other types of hydraulic pumps. This means that a smaller pump can be used to produce the same volume as other types of pump, which results in less wear on components and lower operating costs.

Durable Design: The A8V series uses an open chamber design that minimizes wear and tear on key components and ensures long service life. This design also provides greater efficiency and lower energy consumption than other types of hydraulic pumps

Rexorth hydraulic pump.

Rexroth Hydraulic Pump is the world’s leading manufacturer of hydraulic pumps and systems. Rexroth Hydraulic Pumps are designed to meet the requirements of modern engines and systems. They are used in all industries, including agriculture, construction, mining, transportation, power generation and marine.

Rexroth Hydraulic Pumps can be found in an enormous variety of applications worldwide due to their superior reliability, efficiency and performance.

Rexroth Hydraulic Pumps are well known for their high efficiency and long service life. They are available with different types of motors (AC or DC) as well as with different types of cylinders (single-acting or double-acting).

Rexroth Hydraulic Pumps can be equipped with different rotary switching valves or with a proportional control valve that enables you to precisely adjust the flow rate according to your requirements.



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