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Training Sessions

Silson AC welcome runners of any standard who would like to join our club. 

We pride ourselves on our welcoming and friendly approach, as we were all new to the club once and we understand how daunting it can seem.

If you can run a parkrun (5k) a training session would be a suitable level for you.

We suggest that before deciding to join the club, you come along to a few training sessions to see if the club is right for you.  Whichever session(s) you attend, no one is ever left behind, whatever their ability. 


The emphasis is definitely on enjoyment and making friends whilst getting/keeping fit.


If you would like to do this, simply contact us via email and just let them know a little bit about yourself and that you will be attending.

Our Coaching team (UKA Qualified Coaches, and Leaders in Running Fitness) will be present at all structured training sessions and will be available to answer any questions you may have.  The members of the coaching team draw up a regular monthly training schedule, which is published in advance.  This will assist in planning your own training around that of the club and can be found here.

We offer two sessions a week in the winter:

Structured Training Session

Summer Club Runs

Sunday Social

Structured Training

Winter Sessions:


From September until April these sessions are held on:


Wednesdays at 6.30pm

at Silverstone Circuit 


These sessions are a structured training session, usually consisting of intervals, speed-work or hills, led by our Coaching Team.


Members are split into ability groups, so that the session is as challenging as they want it to be, and you will be working with others of a similar ability. 

Summer Sessions:

From April to July, we switch these structured training sessions to be held on

Fridays at 6.30pm

at Stowe School Athletics Track

Training continues up to the start of the school holidays, with a number of ad-hoc training sessions being held during August.

stowe 3.jpeg
Training 1

Summer Club Runs

In summer months, members get together for midweek paced training runs.


These are often from Towcester Leisure Centre, but if you are new to the club, please contact or send us a


message via our Facebook Page


or join the Silson Facebook group for details of this week’s run.

Training 2

Sunday Social Run

As well as the weekly training sessions, throughout the year, the club members host a weekly social run on a Sunday morning. 


These are friendly, relaxed and fun group runs, which cover of a variety of distances from 8-10 miles and often end with well-earned refreshments.

Routes are often a mix of road and trail running, and are organised by Silson members.  Join the Silson Facebook group for details of this week’s run.

Training 3

Interested in coming along for a couple of trial sessions?

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