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Silson AC Committee

Silson AC has a strong and structured committee who meet regularly to discuss and develop the needs of the club and its members.  


All of Silson AC’s members are invited to the club’s AGM each year but Silson’s members are also encouraged to share their thoughts and suggestions with the Committee throughout the year.  


The current Committee consists of the following personnel:

Find out more about these roles:

New Committee Members are always very welcome!

These roles are generally awarded via an election at our AGM, to anyone wishing to take on any of these roles.

As well as running we also have occasional social gatherings when we all get a chance to chat over a few drinks and some food, and get to know each other better (definitely not in sweaty running kit!!).

If you ever have a concern over any matters in connection with the club or individuals, then the Club Welfare Officer should be your first point of contact, or any other senior club official or coach, who will then speedily deal with the issue in absolute discretion. 


The Club Constitution, Code of Practice and Equality Policy Statement can be found here.

We Welcome Your Support Today!

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